Regional Strategic Advice

If you wish to target a wider area than your local market you will find that registration procedures vary widely in the different regions.

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For some regions you can use the same studies, for other regions local field residue and efficacy trials are necessary. Even for the same laboratory test different requirements for species or substrate may exist. We will help you to save costs and avoid unnecessary studies. We can support you in planning, scheduling and prioritisation of your study arrangements and submission plans by knowing local requirements and timelines in your target markets (locally in Asia or globally).

If desired we can do in-depth feasibility studies of your products in new markets. This will enable you to estimate the cost and benefit of a submission with greater accuracy and avoid duplication of effort by optimising your local or global study plan.

Our services in the field of regional strategic advice

  • Impact analysis of existing and upcoming regulations on your portfolio
  • Study requirements, risks and challenges for your substances and products
  • Selection and coordination of studies at contract research laboratories and contact to GLP laboratories
  • Planning, scheduling and prioritisation of your studies and dossier submissions for your local, regional or global registrations
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