Most of the Asian countries require registration of agrochemical substances or products before they can be imported or manufactured. For example, in Thailand and Malaysia pesticides need to be registered under the Hazardous Substance Act and the Pesticide Act, respectively. As a full service provider, we support you in all phases of registration of your active substances and products from study planning right through to dossier submission and liaising with authorities.

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We can help to master the regulatory hurdles in South-East Asia. Or are your target markets China, EU, USA, Japan or Brazil? Our worldwide network of experts can help you to achieve your targets. We can give you advice through feasibility studies to figure out study requirements, costs, timelines and potential challenges of your substances and products in new markets.

Be aware that local requirements may need laboratory or field studies under local conditions! We can help you to plan and manage the data requirements for your multi-regional submission package.

Our services with regard to agrochemicals

  • Full registration service for pesticides in Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam
  • ASEAN: Strategic advice and regulatory support
  • Worldwide: Project management for your global registrations in cooperation with our subsidiaries around the world
  • Support on fertilizer and bio-pesticide registration in ASEAN
  • Over-regional support
  • Literature research, data gap analysis, check of completeness and regulatory assessment of data requirements
  • Preparation, compilation  and submission of registration dossiers
  • Registration services and project management in Asia and worldwide
  • Strategic consultancy, registration recommendations
  • Liaising with authorities, case-specific query and follow-up
  • Management, monitoring, and quality assurance of relevant studies
  • Feasibility studies for registration in different parts of the world
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