6th CAC Asia Summit 2017

5th CAC Asia Summit will be the one-stop platform to understand the latest regulatory issues, registration updates, market dynamics of Asian countries, meet with 80+ leading agrochemical products and solutions suppliers, as well as over 500 industry players from over 20 countries and regions.

CAC Asia Summit was held successfully in Mumbai (2010&2011), Bangkok (2012&2013), Jakarta (2014) and Bangkok (2015) with high reputation and strong influence in Thailand and Asian countries. It accumulatively had nearly 400 agrochemical exhibiting companies from China, India, Thailand, Vietnam Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia and UK, and attracted more than 1500 professional visitors from over 50 countries and regions, becoming a well-known international agrochemical trade platform in Asia.

Thailand is the hub to other Asian countries. Its pesticide industry relies much on import that china is her main supplier which imports value accounts for 80% of the total market value, and keeps annual growth rate of 11.1%. According to ICAMA, China exported over 520 thousand tons pesticides to Asian countries in 2015, and export value reached USD$ 2.345 billion covering over 50% of the total, and export value to Thailand is USD$256 million. Among China’s top 10 export markets, half are from Asia. Thailand, as the China’s second largest formulation export country, imported 92.8 thousand tons of formulations from China in 2014, and her total import pesticide value from China reached USD$400 million. 

With the implementation of "One Belt and One Road"(referring to the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road”), agriculture development and coordination is bound to boom, which will prosper the economic & trade exchange and investment & cooperation of agrochemical products, equipments and technologies among Asian countries to a brand-new level. 

7 December 2017 to 8 December 2017
Bangkok, Thailand