Asian-European Biocides Regulatory Summit, Singapore

This inaugural Summit focuses on the regulation of Biocides. (The term, Biocides,is used in the broad sense meaning substances such as non-agricultural pesticides, disinfectants, preservatives, timber treatment products, anti-fouling paints, etc.).In some markets, these products are regulated by one single regulation, while in other markets, they are covered by several different regulatory Acts.
The European Regulatory Framework for Biocides, (the Biocidal Products Regulation, ‘BPR’) is applicable since September 2013. This new regulation represents a dramatic restructuring of the former regulatory landscape in Europe. As a result of this, many new provisions, as well as transitional measures, are currently challenging companies who wish to produce or market biocidal products in the European Union.
Following on from the BPR, many markets across Asia are currently restructuring and re-evaluating their regulatory framework for Biocides.
This Summit offers a unique up-to-the-minute view of the regulatory changes, both in the European Union and across Asia. The expert speakers will examine many aspects, including the interaction that biocides have with GHS and REACH.
The Summit will also give a comparison of the regulatory systems across Asia which will hopefully lead to better understanding and harmonization. Throughout the programme, actual business case studies will be referred to together with pertinent market information.


1 September 2014 to 2 September 2014
Contact Person: 

Dr. Knoell Consult Thai Co., Ltd.
Dr. Piyatida Pukclai
Asia Pacific Regulatory Affairs & Business Development