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GHS (Globally Harmonised System) is a system for standardizing and harmonsising the classification and labelling of chemicals. It is an approach to define hazards of chemicals and enable hazard communication via labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS). GHS is being adopted by more and more countries in the ASEAN region, e.g. in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. However, GHS is not as harmonized as the name suggests. In different countries different categories and classes apply, and different formats and languages for SDS and labels need to be considered.

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In the field of product safety, the safety data sheet (SDS) is the main communication tool along the supply chain. It should inform your customers in a clear and easily readable manner on major security issues, as well as on possible risks to human health and the environment when dealing with your products. The formal requirements for the SDS are varying country by country.

With many years of experience in the field of product safety, particularly in SDS-authoring in various EHS systems (e.g. SAP, IHS) we support you in creating your SDS directly in your own EHS system and help you with questions concerning SDS.

Do you export to other countries in ASEAN, China, Japan, Korea, Europe, Russia or the USA? We are happy to author the corresponding SDS for your products in our EHS-system meeting the requirements of your target markets (globally!). Using regularly monitored and updated regulatory content and lists (e.g. inventories, national occupational exposure limits) of one of the market leaders in EHS software, we support you in meeting all requirements for your SDS - worldwide!

Our services with regard to GHS and product safety

  • Creation of global SDS in 46 languages, taking into account country-specific juris­dictions for EU regions, the A­mer­i­cas, Asia / Pacific and world­wide
  • Creation of REACH and CLP compliant (e)SDS, taking into account country-specific workplace exposure limits in all European languages
  • If desired, management and maintenance of your entire product portfolio in our EHS system
  • Review your existing SDS with regard to legal requirements in Europe (checking of data completeness and plausibility / “compliance check”)
  • Classification and labeling of your substances and mixtures according to Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for all regions of the world
  • Evaluation of existing data (studies and literature) to reduce the number of additional tests
  • Review of the transport classification of your products (“dangerous goods”)
  • Support in the creation of your product labels
  • Preparation of operation instructions
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