Inventory Checks

Are your substances and products listed on national inventories or lists of special or very high concern, e.g. Hazardous Substance List in Thailand, PICCS in the Philippines, Existing Chemical Inventory in Vietnam, B2 and B3 List in Indonesia? Or do you need to submit an inventory of substances and products by yourself as required in Malaysia?

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We will find out the status of your substances and discuss the specific requirements for registration or notification with you and the authorities.

Additionally we can compile and manage your own internal substance and product inventories and can submit them to the authorities whenever this is required (e.g. in Malaysia). If you do not yet have an inventory in place, we can review and compile this based on purchase orders and receipts in order to create an initial inventory.

Our services with regard to inventory checks

  • Check of inventory status of your substances in different countries in ASEAN (Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia) and worldwide
  • Consulting on registration or notification requirements based on status of substances
  • Compilation and management of client internal inventories of substances and products (manufacture and/or imported to specific countries)
  • Malaysia: Submission and management of the annual inventory to be submitted to the authorities via CIMS (first deadline 31.03.2016!)
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